Spring’s 466: Making End-User Documentation

For minors: counts toward Capstone or as Focus Coursework.

For concentrators: counts toward Focus Coursework or Capstone (b/c COVID) or as Open Elective credit in the major.

We’ll be writing end-user documentation

  • for print (a manual);
  • for the screen (a tutorial video);
  • and for the web (webpages and chatbot script).

Useful for anyone:

  1. who interested in technical writing;
  2. who wants more practice in technical writing;
  3. who wants more practice in video-making and document design;
  4. and who wants to get more familiar with Adobe Dreamweaver and InDesign

It’s not just for seniors. A little tech experience in design, video editing, and HTML is helpful. But not required to do well in the course.

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