Schedule (directions follow):

ClassWrap1: 9/4–Prof. VZ
ClassWrap2: 9/11–Cali, Josh, Dana A
ClassWrap3: 9/18–Barrett, Jared, Peter, Marco
ClassWrap4: 9/25–Olivia, Charles, Justine
ClassWrap5: 10/2–Jen, Dana T., Maria, James
ClassWrap6: 10/9–Kaitlin M., Anna Kate, Kit
ClassWrap7: 10/16–Prof VZ
ClassWrap8: 10/23–Katie L, Jenny, Nick
ClassWrap9: Ed, Lani
ClassWrap10: Kate, Lindsey, Kiwanee, Trent
ClassWrap11: 11/13–Prof VZ
ClassWrap12: 11/20–Nicole, Dorothy
ClassWrap13: 12/4–Prof VZ

In English courses, it’s easy to let a day’s lecture and class discussion go by without taking note.  It all seems fresh while the conversation unfolds, but we so easily forget as we move to the next class, the next day, the next week.  In these ClassWrap posts, students will take turns offering a thoughtful reflection on what happened in class during a given week.  Ideally, this will be a source to find out what we can all agree happened in class, minus most of the digressions and tangents, however illuminating.

Please divide your ClassWrap post into three categories: Overview, Quote-and-Tell, and Key Concepts.  Be sure to include in your overview at least one point made by one of your peers that stood out for its quality of thought or expression.   I’ll do the ClassWrap posts for the first week to provide a general guide.

As these weekly entries will serve as study guides for our mid-term exam, I will edit them accordingly–adding and over-writing where necessary.

Thanks to Professor Duvall for sharing this assignment with me.