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WGS Intersections | The Ends of Rainbows

Ends of Rainbows

Join WGS and The Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art for a panel discussion organized by the Women’s and Gender Studies Program at the College of Charleston around themes explored in Jovencio de la Paz: The Ends of Rainbows on Wednesday, February 8, 2023 at 6:00PM.

This event will take place in person with a virtual participation option at

The panel participants are selected by WGS and is comprised of:

Kris de Welde, Director and Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies

Sarah Schoemann, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science

Christina García, Assistant Professor, Department of Hispanic Studies

WGS Intersections: Dyani White Hawk A Conversation

Dyani White Hawk Panel Event

Join WGS and Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art on Thursday, Feb. 17th at 5:30 p.m. for another WGS Intersections! Don’t miss DYANI WHITE HAWK a Conversation. The panel will feature Lisa Collins (Wassamasaw Tribe), Beckee Garris (Catawba Nation), Chief Michelle Wise Mitchum (Pine Hill Indian Tribe), and Dana Muckelvaney (Edisto Natchez-Kusso Tribe). Moderators are Dr. Kris De Welde (Director & Prof. of WGS), Dr. Brennan Keegan (Religious Studies), and Dr. Annette Watson (Political Science).

This is a virtual event. Watch at Free and open to the public.

About her exhibit HEAR HER (from Halsey’s website):
Dyani White Hawk’s work illuminates the lived experiences of Native Peoples. With her video, photography, and works in other media, she aims to use language of visual art to bring light to the chasm between our understanding of history and the truth. Her work weaves together forms from the canon of Western art along with the visual languages and traditions of Native people. In doing so, her work spotlights Native women, whose strength and fortitude through centuries of colonization have helped their people’s languages and cultures to survive.

On view in Hear Her, White Hawk’s video installation LISTEN presents a series of Native women speaking the language of their people. Each film takes place on the land of each participant’s nation, and viewers hear the respective languages without translation. As such, White Hawk puts a focus not only on the resonance of each speaker, but she also reveals society’s collective ignorance of the people, culture, and language of those native to the land on which we live. Chapter 1 of LISTEN features eight videos and White Hawk plans to continue the series to include 24 videos. The Halsey Institute commissioned White Hawk to create a video to honor the Catawba Nation, located in South Carolina.

White Hawk’s photography installation I Am Your Relative confronts the gross stereotypes and distorted caricatures that dehumanize and commodify Native women. This installation, along with LISTEN, helps White Hawk shine a light on the misrepresentation of Native Peoples while reinforcing the fact that we are all connected as human beings.

Dyani White Hawk: Hear Her is sponsored in part by South Carolina Humanities, a not-for-profit organization; inspiring, engaging and enriching South Carolinians with programs on literature, history, culture and heritage. This exhibition is also supported by the Center for Sustainable Development at the College of Charleston, which provides students with the opportunities and resources to engage in our community sustainably.

Image Credit: @dwhitehawk in Collaboration with photographer Tom Jones, “I Am Your Relative” [detail], 2020, photo sculpture, © Dyani White Hawk. Courtesy of the artist and Bockley Gallery, Minneapolis, MN.

Winona LaDuke Campus Lecture

Taking Action for the Environment with Winona LaDuke Flyer

Wednesday, April 17 – Winona LaDuke Campus Lecture: “Taking Action for the Environment: Become the Person Your Ancestors would be Proud of” – RITA 101, 4:00-5:30PM

Join WGS, the Office of the Provost, SLI, the Office of Sustainability, HSS, and more for this incredible event featuring speaker and activist Winona LaDuke. Flyer attached for more info!

WGS Intersections Panel: “Gender, Race, & Medicine”


Gender, Race, & Medicine Panel - January 28th at 5pm, Maybank 100

Join the WGS Program for the next WGS “Intersections” Panel for the Year of Women: “Gender, Race, & Medicine.” This innovative panel features four incredible panelists: Dr. Latecia Abraham-Hilaire (Asst. Professor – Public Information & Community Outreach Program – MUSC), Dr. Allison Foley (Asst. Professor – Anthropology), Dr. Beth Sundstrom (Professor – Communication – Director of Women’s Health Research Team), and Dr. Lisa Young (Asst. Professor – English – African American Studies). The panel will be moderated by Dr. Kathleen Béres Rogers (Assoc. Professor – English).

Join WGS, English, the Women’s Health Research Team, and MUSC for this exciting, interdisciplinary panel – we hope to see you there!

“Gender, Race, & Medicine” Panel
January 28 @ 5:00PM. Maybank Hall, Room 100.


WGS Oral History Project Reception

WGS Oral History Project logo

WGS Oral History Project logo

On November 14, the WGS program hosted a reception for its WGS Oral History Project. The project focuses on collecting the Women’s & Gender Studies program’s rich history, and has been led by WGS director Kris De Welde, Cara Delay (History and previous WGS Director), and Susan Farrell (English, previous WGS Director) alongside three current WGS students. These students, Kate Cockerham, Savannah Crocker, and Raegan Whiteside, were honored at the event, alongside current and past WGS leaders such as directors and associate directors who were interviewed for the project. 

Student interviewers Raegan Whiteside (left), Kate Cockerham (middle), and Savannah Crocker (right)

Over the past semester, Kate, Savannah, and Raegan sat down with past directors of the program and conducted qualitative interviews. These interviews allowed them to cultivate a robust understanding of our program’s history, as well as the history of women at the College. The students have been involved in every aspect of the oral history process, including IRB certification, interview protocols, and transcription writing and formatting. Each of the three student researchers will write final papers synthesizing and analyzing these qualitative interviews.

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