Women & Pilgrimage Book Launch

Women & Pilgrimage

Join the program next week for a WGS-sponsored book launch for Women and Pilgrimage. The event is taking place Monday, April 11, 3-5pm to hear from multiple authors featured in the book, many of whom are our faculty colleagues. We will gather with refreshments in the Alumni Center, and you can pre-register for the Zoom option: here.

From the publisher:

Women and Pilgrimage presents scholarly essays that address the lacunae in the literature on this topic. The content includes well-trodden domains of pilgrimage scholarship like sacred sites and holy places. In addition, the book addresses some of the less-well-known dimensions of pilgrimage, such as the performances that take place along pilgrims’ paths; the ephemeral nature of identifying as a pilgrim, and the economic, social and cultural dimensions of migratory travel. Most importantly, the book’s feminist lens encourages readers to consider questions of authenticity, essentialism, and even what is means to be a “woman pilgrim”. The volume’s six sections are entitled: Questions of Authenticity; Performances and Celebratory Reclamations; Walking Out: Women Forging Their Own Paths; Women Saints: Their Influence and Their Power; Sacred Sites: Their Lineages and Their Uses; and Different Migratory Paths. Each section will enrich readers’ knowledge of the experiences of pilgrim women. Readers’ understanding will be further enhanced by the book’s:· interdisciplinary nature: The contributors hail from a wide range of disciplines, including Anthropology, Political Science, French, Spanish, Fine Art, and Religious Studies;
· uniqueness: The text brings together previously scattered resources into one volume;
· feminist perspective: Much of the subject matter utilizes feminist theories and methodologies and argues that further research will be welcome.

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