Planned Parenthood Generation Action: “SlutWalk” Peaceful March & Rally

slutwalk info flyer

Wednesday, October 30 – gather at 5:15 in Cougar Mall, march begins at 5:30 and ends in Stern Gardens for a rally at 6:00pm

The SlutWalk, hosted by Planned Parenthood Generation Action, is a peaceful empowering march followed by a rally in which participants dress however they choose without fear of being judged in this safe space — because dress, sexuality, gender, and race/ethnicity, is never an invitation for violence. Encouraged attire is whatever the marcher is comfortable with, like bra’s, Halloween costumes, gender-neutral clothing, everyday clothing, organization shirts, etc (though we still have to follow the law, people). Our individuality is beautiful and should be celebrated, not shamed.

Marchers will gather on Wednesday, October 30th in Cougar Mall at 5:15, and will commence marching at 5:30 pm, walking down Glebe, and end in Stern Gardens for a rally around 6 pm with speakers including GSEC, BSU, and ASA as well as open discussion and music/dancing. Blank and premade posters will be available.

It is important to remind campus of this ever-constant issue since, according to, more sexual assaults on campus take place during the fall semester than in the spring semester. Halloween parties and costumes are not an excuse to violate another person, as there is never a reason for this.
PPGA is making a clear statement to CofC that we will not tolerate harmful stigmas or rape culture which are prevalent at college parties. We never owe you sex. Costumes are not consent, “I’m not sure” and no response is not consent. We stand against victim-blaming, sexual harassment, gender harassment, and slut shaming–because shame is for offenders.

All are welcome–please bring your friends and spread the word!

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