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The Story of Stuff

Here’s a link to an interesting movie that discusses the environmental impact of how our economies work. A lot of the information in the movie relates to topics we talk about in class. There are a lot of disconcerting facts in the movie and can wake you up to what you might be facing in […]

Recycled drinking water?

Most of you are aware of the current severe drought situation in southeastern US. A lot of people in the southwestern US have been experiencing the drought for several years now. Some of these areas have their groundwater and surface water resources on the verge of exhaustion. In a recent study, researchers from Sand Diego […]

Paper or plastic?

Plastic bags are a major cause for concern. Americans come home with approximately 100 billion plastic shopping bags each year! Link. US businesses like to use plastic because they are durable and cheap. But they are hated by municipalities around the nation because they clog drains and are filling landfills. “Plastic bags don’t biodegrade, they […]

Wipe out Wireless Waste

Here’s a follow-up on what to do with your old cell phones: Subject: INFO: Wipe out Wireless Waste Keep Charleston Beautiful’s first annual Cell Phone Recycling drive, Wipe Out Wireless Waste: Each year, Americans retire an estimated 130 million cell phones, of which only 10% are recycled or reused. These small electronic devices are extremely […]