I am an associate professor of environmental geochemistry at the Department of Geology and Environmental Geosciences at the College of Charleston. I have varied interests in the broad discipline of environmental sciences, including (i) environmental chemistry and physics as applied to behavior of contaminants in the near surface environments, (ii) characterization and remediation of polluted environmental systems, (iii) multi-disciplinary aspects of environmental geochemistry, and (iv) environmental and natural resources management.  Because contaminants are very complex and can be physical, chemical, or bacteriological and can be present in water and soils, I use a broad array of analytical tools as varied as chromatography (ion, high pressure liquid, and gas chromatography), mass spectrometry (induction coupled plasma and gas chromatograph), water isotopes, and basic bacteriological analyses (for enteric bacteria). Undergraduate and graduate students play a significant role in this research and they take a very hands-on role while exploring these research problems.  Most of these students have had the opportunity to present their research at international conferences and have coauthored researched publications with me. These students graduate with exceptional research skills, including advanced analytical geochemical instrumentation, field techniques, and broad science writing and presentation skills.  Most of my students go on to excellent graduate school programs or to great environmental jobs.  Several courses I teach (Environmental Geology, Introduction to Geochemistry, Water Resources, Pollution in the Environment, and Study Abroad course to India) also have strong environmental emphasis.

You can contact me at 843.608.9628 or by email at vulavav at

My physical office is SSMB 250 at 202 Calhoun St., Charleston.

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US Postal: College of Charleston, Department of Geology, 66 George St., Charleston, SC 29424

Courier: College of Charleston, Department of Geology, 202 Calhoun St., Ste. 224, Charleston, SC 29401

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