OAKS Attendance
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Creating an Attendance Scheme Attendance Scheme Text Tutorial Attendance Scheme Video Tutorial
Create an Attendance Register Attendance Register Text Tutorial Attendance Register Video Tutorial
Recording Class Attendance Taking Attendance Text Tutorial Taking Attendance Video Tutorial
OAKS Classlist


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OAKS Classlist Classlist Text Tutorial Classlist Video Tutorial
Add a User to your Classlist Add a User to your Classlist Text Tutorial Add a User to your Classlist Video Tutorial
OAKS Class Progress

The Class Progress tool helps track your progress in a course by measuring the completion of different progress indicators. You may want to use the Class Progress tool to keep track of your course-specific assignments and feedback. Instructors can use the Class Progress tool to track your overall progress in the course and prepare progress reports.

Progress reports are available for the following progress indicators: SummaryGradesStandardsObjectivesContentDiscussionsAssignmentsQuizzesChecklistSurveysLogin History, and System Access History.

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OAKS Class Progress OAKS Class Progress Text Tutorial OAKS Class Progress Video Tutorial
OAKS Course Homepages
Import/Export/Copy Components
Allows you to copy items from one course to another.  You can also copy the entire course to a new one.

View the tutorial: Import/Export/Copy Components

Intelligent Agents

Intelligent Agents send an automated email when instructor-defined criteria are met. For example, instructors can email students who have not logged in recently, whose grades have fallen below a certain level, or who have viewed (or not viewed) specific topics in Content.

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Intelligent Agents for Logins and Course Activity Logins and Course Activity Text Tutorial Logins and Course Activity Video Tutorial
Intelligent Agents Using Release Conditions Release Conditions Text Tutorial Release Conditions Video Tutorial
Replacement Strings

A replacement string allows instructors to customize course content and communications in Brightspace by incorporating the intended learner’s personalized information, such as their name, automatically. This feature can help instructors build better relationships with learners, increase engagement levels, and improve the overall learning experience.

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Using Replacement Strings Using Replacement Strings Text Tutorial Using Replacement Strings Video Tutorial