EDpuzzle – What is it and how can I use it?

Platform – web-based and also app for  iPhone, iPad
Price – free and paid https://edpuzzle.com/pricing
Website https://edpuzzle.com/


Make any video your lesson with EDpuzzle.  EDpuzzle is a site that allows you to select a video and customize it. Insert audio notes or record over a video with your voice, and add questions at any point in the video and track your students’ understanding.

Student Uses

EDpuzzle allows a student  to sign in to watch video homework assignments and answer interactive questions pertaining to the lesson.  After submitting their answer to a question they will get an immediate response as to whether or not they answered the question incorrectly as well as view the correct answer.  If they do not get a question right they will be able to go back and rewatch that section of the video for more clarification before moving on to the remainder of the lesson.

Faculty Uses

Quickly see who has watched a video assignment, what time they watched it and how many questions they answered correctly.  In addition, teachers can view what questions they got wrong and their answer choices, if they re watched a video segment as well as whole class results.  EDpuzzle makes videos engaging, interactive and provides formative assessment that can be used to drive “in class instruction” the following day.