burst the old bubble with Akindi

CofC Officially Launches a New Scantron Alternative

akindi is the new scantron alternative. the existing scantron machines will be decommissioned may, 2020

Akindi will allow you to:

  • have multiple versions of a test
  • print bubble sheets directly from your department printer
  • grade bubble sheets from any networked scanner
  • grade bubble sheets using your iPhone
  • immediately get your test results and test reports
  • use it as a standalone application or integrate it with OAKS and the OAKS Grade book

Uses for bubble sheets in the classroom:

While bubble sheets are normally used to give quizzes or tests there are other ways to use it.
  • formative group assessment: have the student complete the answers together as a team then go to their table and scan their bubble sheet using your phone to tell them where there are misunderstandings.
  • reading quizzes: have student take a short quiz on the readings or homework at the beginning of the class then use your phone to quickly grade them to help guide your lectures.  Also serves double-duty to take attendance and uploads the grade into the OAKS Grade item.
  • post class test for understanding: give a quiz the last 5 minutes of the class to test for understanding.
  • rubrics: use them to score a rubric
  • evaluation: use them as a likert scale to do a mid-semester student evaluation of the class.
I know you may be thinking, “Can’t I do all this in OAKS?”  Well, yes you can but that requires all of your students to have and bring a laptop to class daily.  Also, when taking an in-class quiz or test in OAKS students can see each others’ screens.

Learn more about Akindi and tutorials on how to use it

Dear TLT
Assessment, Dear TLT, TLT

Can I grade one OAKS Dropbox Assignment using two rubrics?


I have an assignment that has two components but produces one grade.  I’d like to use a different OAKS rubric to evaluate each component.  Is it possible to do this within one OAKS Dropbox so that there is only one grade in the grade book?  I really want to keep them as one assignment.


Karen HB
Health and Human Performance


Dear Karen,

The answer is yes and no.  The OAKS Dropbox allows the instructor to attach multiple OAKS rubrics to one assignment and use both of them to interactively grade the work.  However, it will only automatically load the calculated score from the first rubric.  As you can see from the screenshot below, only Rubric 1’s score has been entered into the Score area for the assignment.

Two graded rubrics with the score from the first one transferred
Two rubrics added and graded. Notice only the first rubric score transferred automatically to the assignment score.



You will just need to manually enter the appropriate grade into the Score area, based on the outcome of the two rubrics.

The other option to consider would be to create only one rubric in OAKS that has two Criteria Groups.  Group 1 is for the first component of the assignment and Group 2 is for the second part.  The benefit of using the groups is the you can use different scoring levels per section.  Note: this may not produce the same outcome as the two rubrics so be sure to test this before applying it to a live assignment.

Multipgroup rubric