burst the old bubble with Akindi

CofC Officially Launches a New Scantron Alternative

akindi is the new scantron alternative. the existing scantron machines will be decommissioned may, 2020

Akindi will allow you to:

  • have multiple versions of a test
  • print bubble sheets directly from your department printer
  • grade bubble sheets from any networked scanner
  • grade bubble sheets using your iPhone
  • immediately get your test results and test reports
  • use it as a standalone application or integrate it with OAKS and the OAKS Grade book

Uses for bubble sheets in the classroom:

While bubble sheets are normally used to give quizzes or tests there are other ways to use it.
  • formative group assessment: have the student complete the answers together as a team then go to their table and scan their bubble sheet using your phone to tell them where there are misunderstandings.
  • reading quizzes: have student take a short quiz on the readings or homework at the beginning of the class then use your phone to quickly grade them to help guide your lectures.  Also serves double-duty to take attendance and uploads the grade into the OAKS Grade item.
  • post class test for understanding: give a quiz the last 5 minutes of the class to test for understanding.
  • rubrics: use them to score a rubric
  • evaluation: use them as a likert scale to do a mid-semester student evaluation of the class.
I know you may be thinking, “Can’t I do all this in OAKS?”  Well, yes you can but that requires all of your students to have and bring a laptop to class daily.  Also, when taking an in-class quiz or test in OAKS students can see each others’ screens.

Learn more about Akindi and tutorials on how to use it