Formal Publication of Pylian Linear B Tablets to Occur

As announced by the Department of Classics at the College of Charleston, Dr. Dimitri Nakassis (Toronto) and Dr. Kevin Pluta (Charleston)  will be directing the formal publication of the Linear B tablets from Pylos, originally excavated by Carl Blegen begun in 1939.  The project will be the culmination of a process involving noted scholars of the last 50 years, and will be published as Palace of Nestor IV, edited by Emmett L. Bennet, Jr., José Melena, Thomas Palaima, Dimitri Nakassis, and Kevin Pluta.  The work will involve the production of three-dimensional images of the tablets, using multiple 3d imaging techniques currently under development

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2 Responses to Formal Publication of Pylian Linear B Tablets to Occur

  1. J. A. Evans says:

    James, the link to “multiple 3D imaging techniques” is broken. Can’t wait to see them, though.

    • James Newhard says:

      Thanks for the head’s up! Links were reviewed and refreshed. The link to “multiple 3D imaging techniques” sends one to the previous blogpost. As Pluta moves forward, I hope to have more interesting bits to report.

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