COVID-19 Lesson Plans for Teaching and Learning about Outer Space and Theatre from Home


We had a very successful first round of performances in Charleston, SC this February. We performed “That which We Call A Rose” for audiences of 100+ K-8th graders. That world now feels like it is a million light years away! I will write other blog posts to give a report on those performances and updates on how this project is growing and shifting so that we can reach more student audiences in schools and museums across the region. It is difficult to predict when live theatre as we know it will be able to happen again.

But, the natural world is always unfolding around us. And, theatre can also happen, even in your living room!

You don’t need to see the show to learn about theatre and science with us. We created STEAM Lesson Plans and Resource Guides for teachers to use before and after seeing the show. These lesson plans are standards-based, and offer ways to learn about science and culture through theatre activities. In some instances, these lessons offer the opportunity to learn more about theatre through active investigations of astronomy and Earth’s cultural histories.

We would like to offer these lessons now as a resource to incorporate into your home teaching and learning strategies. Please adapt them as needed to suit your home teaching and learning needs. We hope that your home students will enjoy learning about science, culture, and the arts through these lessons.

Please share pictures, videos or comments of/on your projects in the Feedback section of our blog! We will share your pictures as blog posts 🙂

Hopefully, we will see you in a theatre near you once it is safe to stage the full performance again.

Vivian and the “Rose” Crew