Next Stop, Raleigh!

Hello, Explorers!


We are about to head out to the Women’s Theatre Festival in Raleigh, NC! We have a van that is just about packed full of our set, costumes, puppets, and robot!


We will be performing at 2:00 on Friday, 11 July at the Wicked Witch ! That’s located at 416 West South Street in Raleigh, NC.


Our performance in progress will take up most of the time, but it will be accompanied by some very cool Augmented Reality stations to help audiences explore the topographies and cultural/literary histories embedded in the names of features on Mars, the Moon, Titan, and Bennu.


Stick around after the show – we’d love to hear your feedback! If you don’t have time to talk, please fill out a google survey and let us know your thoughts!


If you’re still around on Sunday morning, find Vivian for a Found Object Puppetry Workshop at 9:30 AM at 310 S. Harrington St. (yep! If you want to change the world, you have to wake up early on a Sunday morning to make the puppets 🙂


All other awesome events for the WTF Festival and Fringe can be found on their Event Schedule.


See you in Raleigh!


Vivian and Crew


Saturn’s Shadows!

While exploring Saturn’s moon, Titan, we were inspired to research the mythologies behind each of the gas giant’s moons. They are all named after giants from Greco-Roman, Inuit, Gallic, and Norse traditions. This research led to the creation of a shadow-puppet sequence featuring ALL of Saturn’s 53 named moons. Here are some pics of our process so far:

We have been spending a lot of time painting these puppets…

So far, we have about 12 out of 53 moons completed!

It’s a good thing our workshop this Friday in Raleigh is a Work-in-Progress!

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