Hispanic Studies Student Focus, November 2023: William Helfgott

By | November 10, 2023

Hispanic Studies Student Focus, November 2023: William Helfgott

Hispanic Studies is proud to feature Mr. William Helfgott as its Student Focus for November of 2023.

For anyone who wonders whether it is possible to pair a Spanish major with another rigorous course of study, William Helfgott is an excellent example of an emphatic answer in the affirmative.

A double major in Spanish (B.A.) and Finance (B.S.)—not to mention his minor course of study in Entrepreneurship– William has thrived academically in both programs during his time spent at the College of Charleston, where he is also a member of the Honors College and a Charleston Fellow.

Beyond the above, among the many on-campus activities in which Mr. Helfgott has involved himself has been his role as an ambassador for various programs—e.g., the Honors College and the School of Business—his leadership as a Student Government Association Senator and his founding of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity.

As for off-campus activities, like so many before him, William had the good fortune to study abroad with the College’s program in Trujillo, Spain, where—as he notes below—he had the “once in a lifetime” experience of spending a semester in a destination which is as unique as it is enriching and impactful.

To be sure, as is always the case with HISP’s accomplished students, it would be possible to list many more of Mr. Helfgott’s impressive accomplishments (e.g., his membership in the Global Scholars program, his status as a Maclean and as a Swanson Scholar, his role as CEO and owner of River Bluff Honey), but let it suffice to say that Hispanic Studies is quite pleased that William chose to pursue a major in Spanish, thereby serving as proof of what one can be accomplished when one sets lofty goals.

In his own words…

During my time in Hispanic Studies, I have had the opportunity to grow professionally, linguistically, and with hands on experience through their wonderful study abroad program. My time in Trujillo, Spain will forever hold some of my most cherished memories. The wonderful opportunity of studying abroad in such a unique place with a rich history would not have been possible without the continuous support of the Spanish department. My time in the Spanish Department has been extremely fruitful. Before studying abroad in the Summer of 2023, I was unsure and expressed doubts to Dr. Avendaño about my abilities.  Dr. Avendaño assured me that this would be a once in a lifetime opportunity and one I needed to take advantage of. I am very grateful for the opportunities the Spanish Department has continuously offered and look forward to the future.”

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  1. Devon Hanahan

    William, I will never forget your amazing presentation about your bee farm at the Expo. You are a man of so many talents! 🙂


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