Hispanic Studies Faculty Focus, November 2020 / Carola Ramírez-Castello

By | November 3, 2020

Carola Ramírez-Castello is Hispanic Studies’ Faculty Focus for November 2020

An adjunct faculty member since 2016, Ms. Ramírez-Castello  has formed an important part of the Department’s Basic Spanish Language Program.

Prior to arriving at the College, Carola completed studies in Biology at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, in Lima, Peru, and earned her M.A. from the Department of Latin American Studies at The University of Kansas, with a focus in “Afro-Peruvian Identity  and Its Connections with the Land.”

Such a varied educational background led to Ms. Ramírez-Castello’s employ at Illinois Wesleyan University, were she served as a laboratory instructor in General Biology and Anatomy & Physiology, and--thankfully--to her association with Hispanic Studies, which is so much enriched by her presence.

In her own words…

“Being a teacher at the College of Charleston has been a great experience since the beginning.  The supportive environment motivates me to thrive and give my best to the students.  Teaching Spanish in a cultural and environmental context helps me to instill empathy for others in the students.  To be respectful of other cultures and environments is an important quality in today’s world and is essential to becoming a global citizen.”

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