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S 2021 Course Offerings

Posted by: Julia Eichelberger | October 20, 2020 | No Comment |

Spring 2021 will bring lots of courses where students can learn more about the South. All these courses count toward the minor in Southern Studies!

This list will be updated as more information becomes available. If you are planning to teach or enroll in a course that is focused on the South and that’s not on this list, please contact the program director, Grant Gilmore, gilmorerg@cofc.edu to see if it can be added. 

AAST 340 Race, Violence, and Memory in American History TR 9:25-10:40 + online  Dr. Mari Crabtree

AAST 360 Mass Incarceration and Its Roots  TR 10:50-12:05 + online Dr. Mari Crabtree

ARTH 338/HPCP 338 American Vernacular Architecture and Material Culture  9-9:50 + online

BIOL 333 Ornithology  Online  Dr. Melissa Hughes

ENGL 313 African American Literature 11-11:50 MWF + online, Dr. Valerie Frazier

ENGL 315 Black Women Writers TR 12:15-1:30 + online, Dr. Lisa Young

ENGL 350 Mark Twain  TR 9:25-10:40 + online, Dr. Mike Duvall

EDFS 201 Foundations of Education (Multiple Sections)

FYSE 115 The Wonderful World of Real Estate According to King Street MW 2-3:15 + online Dr Elaine Worzala

HPCP 290 Charleston Architecture W 1-4 Online Professor Ralph Muldrow

HPCP 340 Buildings & Landscapes of the College of Charleston TR 1:40-2:5 + online Prof James Ward

HPCP 299 Preservation Planning Studio Professor James Ward  M 2-5 PM + online

HIST 217 African American History Since 1865 TR 1:40 + online Dr. Shannon Eaves

HIST 222 History of South Carolina T 5:30-8:15 Professor Robert Stockton

HIST 225 History of the South Since 1865 TR 12:15-1:30 + online Dr. Tammy Ingram

HONS 250 Black Religion and Black Nationalism  TR 12:15- 1:30 Dr. Matthew Cressler

MUSC 222 All That Jazz: A Guided Tour of America’s Music  Online Professor Yiorgos Vassilandonakis

SOST 175 Religion in the U. S. South  MWF 11-11:50 + online  Dr. Elijah Siegler

SOST 200 Intro to Southern Studies   Online   Dr. Barry Stiefel

SOST 400 Southern Studies Capstone Project   Online  Dr. Grant Gilmore

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