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Recent Developments at C of C

Posted by: Julia Eichelberger | June 2, 2019 | No Comment |

New C of C Programs, Curricula, and Other Developments in 2018-19

A huge array of great courses were offered for the Southern Studies minor in Fall 18 and Spring 19.  Additionally, these developments:

Sept 24 2018 C of C announces new Center for the Study of Slavery in Charleston, directed by Bernard Powers.  Representatives of CSSC attended Fall Symposium of Universities Studying Slavery Oct 24-26  2018 Tougaloo College, Jackson, MS, co-hosted by University of Mississippi.

Nov 2018 Presidential Search Committee and Board of Trustees choose Dr. Andrew T. Hsu as C of C’s 23rd president.

Feb-March 2019 –A public mini-course on “Southern Jewish History” by Shari Rabi attracted around 50 people at each of the three meetings

Julia Eichelberger with Marti Stegall, Jake Anders, Patty Ploehn, Stella Rounsefell, Mary Scott Gilbert

Spring 2019 First 5 Students Complete Interdisciplinary Minor in Southern Studies


March 8 Student walkout and rally in protest of racist video posted on social media by C of C students on class field trip   

April 15 College announces that its property along the Stono River formerly called Dixie Plantation, will now be called Stono Preserve.  

“Hidden Hands” garden at Stono Preserve

April 28 Groundbreaking ceremony for new Teaching Garden, “Hidden Hands that Worked this Soil” at Stono Preserve, sponsored by MS in Environmental and Sustainability Studies

May 26-June 7 2019 Center for Southern Jewish Culture’s NEH Institute (jewishsouthsummer.cofc.edu)

June 2019: Voices of Southern Hospitality Oral History Project enters its second year

Finally, in Summer 2019 we regretfully congratulate these valued colleagues on new opportunities that are taking them away from C of C. We’ll miss you! Wishing you all the best in this next chapter: 

Shari Rabin (JWST) will begin teaching at Oberlin; Patricia Williams Lessane (DIrector of the Avery) will become Associate VP for Academic Affairs at Morgan State University; Rebecca Shumway (HIST) will begin teaching at U of Wisconsin-Milwaukee); Jerry Hale, Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, who along with the rest of HSS has been a big supporter of the Southern Studies program, will become Provost and Senior Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at the U of Tennessee-Chattanooga.


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