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Meet Al Platte, Sociology Major and the Sociology Network club president

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Why did you choose to attend the College of Charleston? 

The Sociology department has a lot of brilliant and dedicated professors, who often make themselves available to discuss topics further in detail, and that’s what I look for in a professor and have found time and time again at CofC.

What made you decide to be a sociology major?

It was when I first took a Cultural Anthropology course that I realized I wanted to address problems at the societal level, as opposed to the problems of an individual.

How does sociology fit into your life plan?

I’m attending graduate school after CofC and plan on pursuing a doctorate in Sociology. I know I’d like to end up teaching down the road, but I’d be happiest just doing research, and writing and speaking about my findings in the meantime.

What have you learned from your professors and/or other students?Platte, Al

The most important things I’ve learned while at the College are to always keep an open mind, question everything you know, question everything you’re being taught, and try to be fair when you’re debating something.

What was/is your favorite sociology class?

So far, my favorite course has been Dr. David Morris’ class on Social Inequality. It covers theories, explanations, and effects of inequality in contemporary American society. So if you like that sort of stuff, you should check it out.

Who is your favorite professor and why?

Dr. Donald Nielsen is my favorite for sure. He’s a super smart and funny guy, he’s always interested in the material he’s presenting, and he always offers new and interesting ways of looking at things.

Are you working on a Bachelor’s Essay? If so, what are you writing it on? 

I’m looking at the social conditions impacting cooperative and competitive behavior in human civilizations.

What are you plans for after graduation?

I’m thinking of moving back home to California for grad school, they have a lot of great Sociology programs out there… But a part of me just wants to wander around South America too.

Do you have advice for students deciding on a major?

Only the best advice ever- do what you love. If you’re not excited about what you’re studying, change it. I was a business major before I switched to psychology, then to sociology, and I love my major now and everything else I’ve learned along the way.

What is one surprising fact about you?

I’m in a Sociology club on campus that aims to improve the conditions of the Charleston community. Check out the College of Charleston Sociology Network on Facebook for more information.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

The Galápagos Islands.

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