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Mini Irish Film Series

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Thursday, November 5, 2015into the west this is my father

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For generations, The Irish Travelers have been the subject of poetry, song and story. Often depicted as the carefree people of the road who move from place to place in colorful caravans, they have also been misrepresented by those moving between the twin vices of prejudice and discrimination. This mini-film series explores these contradictions by screening two feature films, Mike Newell’s Into the West (2004) and Paul Quinn’s This is My Father (1998). Into the West (2004) juxtaposes the magic and dreams of childhood against the sinister world of adult greed and prevarication. This is My Father subtly examines the role of Travelers’ stories and predictions in shaping people’s understanding of why events unfold the way they do. Faculty discussion follows both films. All welcome!


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