Bibliography and Publications

Herein is a bibliography of publications that support and facilitate my interests and areas of research



  • Autism Dad: adventures in raising an autistic son.  Giantdog Books 2011. Rob Errera.
  • A Theory of Fun. Paraglyph Press 2005. Ralph Kister
  • Quest to Learn: developing the school for digital kids. MIT Press 2011. Katie Salen.
  • The Game Design Reader: a rules of play anthology. MIT Press 2006. Ed. Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman
  • Poke the Box.  Portfolio 2015. Seth Godin.


  • Journal of Game Design and Development Education.  Rochester Institute of Technology (Vol. 1 2011)
  • JIH: Journal of Interactive Humanities:  JIH is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that provides a forum for discussion and publication on the intersection of interactive media, design and the humanities.
  • Mechademia (Vol. 1 2006) An Annual Forum for Anime, Manga and the Fan Arts. Mechademia’s subject area extends from manga and anime to game design, fashion, graphics, packaging, and toy industries, as well as a broad range of fan practices related to popular culture in Japan. We are interested in how the academic and fan communities can provide new possibilities for critical thinking and popular writing. Mechademia appears annually, published by University of Minnesota Press.



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