Creative Response Assignment

Final Project: Creative Response Assignment

Due Tuesday April 21 or Thursday April 23 in class

This portion of the Final Project accounts for 6% of course grade.

As noted earlier, the Creative Response is  is intended to encourage you to consider, beyond the confines of the traditional literary analysis or research paper, how you might express to a similarly informed audience your engagement with the texts and related concepts and ideas we are studying this semester.

This is an opportunity for you to offer a completely different kind of response to the work we have been doing in the course throughout the semester. You might find that you’d like to produce something to supplement the argument you’re presenting in your extended researched analysis, or that you’d like to take on a completely different issue or set of ideas that have struck you during the semester. Because you’ll be presenting your creative response to the class, you know exactly what your audience will be prepared for and can use that to guide your development of your response.

The only requirements for the creative project are that it relate to the discussions we’ve been having throughout the semester, that it have a title, and that you present it to the class on your scheduled date.

You may produce something outside of class that you will bring to class and present to us, describing and/or explaining it and providing anything we might need to understand how it relates to the work of the class over the semester. Alternatively, you may present the class with a performance.

You may work individually or in a group of at most 2 students.

Each project will be evaluated according to the criteria that best suit it (since you will all be working in different media, rather than all of you writing an academic researched essay, in which case there is just one set of criteria applied to all).

Please remember to make use of my office hours (Tuesday and Thursday 1:15-2:15).


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