Proving Love

Sir Orfeo displays many of the themes we have been discussing in class.  Orfeo is a noble king with a wife that matches the glowing description of a poem but she is taken away by a mystical force.  Sir Orfeo must prove his love for her and does so in several ways.  First he loses his one and only love and claims her to be so, he is completely loyal to his wife.  Second he proclaims that he would rather die than be without her and this theme is repeated by him again and again.  Third and most important is that he must prove his love for he and in a sense earn what he desires.  By renouncing all earthly goods and moving into the woods he is really proving his devotion to his wife.  Then by playing the harp beautifully  Orfeo takes the step beyond which ultimately earns his wife back.  Having to prove his love and wanting to die when she is gone are common themes in the poetry we have seen before.

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  1. It would be helpful for you to note some of the places we’ve encountered these previously, and give some sense of what you think these pattens might indicate, or how this particular use of those themes builds on what we’ve observed previously.

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