After reading both of the readings for tonight, I found many different interesting aspects about both “OEMUM” and in Broadview. However, the most interesting part of my readings that really stood out to me was the manuscript of Sir Degrevant. The most interesting part of this that made it really stand out to me was the fact that not only were more than one scribes present in the manuscript, but also the fact that the manuscript is made up of both Anglicana and Secretary forms of script. On page 31, there is an in-depth description of characteristics found in the manuscript that are from both forms of script. This really intrigued me because the two styles seem to be very diverse and the way that they were intertwined into one piece by different scribes made the piece seem unique and allowed it to stand out from the other manuscripts that we read about so far. One major example of this that I remember is the W’s throughout the piece. Also on page 31, it is pointed out to the reader that the w’s throughout the manuscript fluctuate between secretary and Anglicana. Also with this same manuscript, I found it interesting that the handwriting and the form of the manuscript was not professionally done. On page 30, the description of the scribe was that she was “unprofessional” and “loose, sloppy, and untidy”. This stood out to me because up to this point, everything we have looked at has been very sophisticated, beautiful, professional, and flows across the page. This particular manuscript however was botched, corrected, crossed out, uneven, and frankly, unpleasant to the eye. Altogether, this manuscript had many characteristics that allowed the piece to really stand out in my mind. It was very interesting to learn about and I enjoyed looking at it thoroughly.


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