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Stretch, Don’t Drag

Last week was quite a “global” week in Beatty. We met with the President of Nordakademie, the Associate Dean of International Relations of EM Strasbourg, and the President of Dublin City University. Talk about opportunities!

I spent quite a bit of time with Dáire from DCU. He was visiting his students interning at the Hotel Bennet, thanks to an internship program created by Mike Bennett. DCU is an impressive triple crown accredited school (AACSB, EQUIS, & AMBA). We talked about challenges and opportunities, but one thing he said resonated with me – his goal is to “stretch, don’t drag” his team. As usual, I’m pondering.

As we build our shared future, I think we must remember this. How do we stretch and not drag? We grow and remain agile when we stretch. But dragging can hurt – been there, done that. This applies to all of us as a collective School of Business. And it applies to us as individuals.

If we are honest, we all have to drag ourselves to do some things we have to do. That’s adulting. Can we intentionally look for ways to stretch ourselves, which can lead to growth and, if done right, is much more enjoyable? Let’s make sure we encourage each other to stretch more and drag less.

You know what is really cool? What we do in the global experience arena is a stretch exercise, not a drag. So, our international partners like DCU can help us stretch.

YOU make a difference!

Ponder this with me …

P.S. I couldn’t find an image that worked for the title, so I used Copilot (Dall-E 3)

Paul • June 13, 2024

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