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April 1: Textbook Submission Deadline

It is already time.

Textbook adoptions are due to the bookstore by April 1st.

Here are a few tips sent to us from our colleagues at the Bookstore:

  • Make sure you are submitting for the correct term.
  • Cougar Complete will not be offered to students in the summer, but will resume in the fall.
  • If you are not using any materials, please submit your course as a no text required course.  Until something is noted for your course, you will still receive the reminder emails.
  • Sometimes items may not look up in the portal, please just let us know what you are using and we can put in your materials manually at the bookstore.
  • It takes up to 48 hours to update on our website with your submission.

Here are our current stats. Let’s crush this again, and have 100% participation in textbook adoption communication.

SUMMER: 57% of us have submitted

FALL: 21% of us have submitted

Carrie Messal • March 14, 2024

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