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Center faculty attend Scaled up Seminar

This past weekend, February 9-10, six Center for Public Choice & Market Process faculty research fellows participated in the 7th annual scaled-up Seminar in Asheville, NC. This is the third year the Center has helped sponsor the event with the host Edward Lopez, the Truist Distinguished Professor of Capitalism at Western Carolina University.

Of the 30 participants, the six faculty representing the Center were Peter Calcagno (director/economics), Beatriz Maldonado (student development/ economics and international studies), Jordan Ragusa (interim director/political science), Christopher Mothorpe (economics), Greg Caskey (Economics, Citadel), Russell Sobel (Entrepreneurship, Citadel). Also, there was Reagan Sobel, Conference assistant and Center, and CofC Alum.

About Scaled-Up Seminar
Scaled-Up Seminar gathers economics researchers within driving distance of Western Carolina University to economize on scheduling demands and accomplish more than a series of individual research seminars could. The goal is to leverage the concentration of scholars in the region to 1) provide mutual feedback on current research projects; 2) gain exposure to each other’s research agendas, thus sparking collaboration on future research projects; and 3) facilitate informal discussion leading to collaboration on research, teaching, and program building.

Erika LeGendre • February 16, 2024

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