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Wine Olympics 2024

The Department of Hospitality and Tourism at the College of Charleston is producing a wine olympic event for the entire business school. It is open to students and faculty alike.

It will be fun and educational for all.

March 13th | Stern Center Ballroom | 5:30-7:30p

The Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management is excited to announce the first ever wine competition! All School of Business members are invited to participate in this engaging event, which will feature both team and individual competitions.


The event will have 6 wines blindly wrapped at the front of the room. Each team will receive 5 oz of the blind wine to be distributed amongst the members.

Spit cups will be provided on each table for contestants to use after tasting.

Each team is to submit one entry during the event detailing the following per wine: Grape Varietal, Country of Origin, and Region of Production

Scoring is as follows: 20 points, 20 points, and 40 points, respectively


Teams of eight people or fewer with all members of the legal drinking age (21+) are eligible to enter.

Proper identification is required during the sign up process and will also be checked upon entry of the event. Anyone who produces a fake ID will have it confiscated and are subject to further consequences.

The total score for all six wines will determine the winning team who shall receive a $500 gift certificate from the Hospitality & Tourism Management Department.



Registration follows the above age restrictions and is limited to 25 contestants

The winner will be titled ‘Best Sommelier’ for the business school at the College of Charleston.

The winner shall receive an outstanding prize from the Department of Hospitality and Tourism from the College of Charleston


View the event flyer. For more information contact Dr. Mike Cohen @

Erika LeGendre • February 15, 2024

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