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AACSB 2024

Summer is a busy time of year for the leadership team. This summer is jam-packed as we prepare for our “year of record” for our upcoming Fall 2024 AACSB Peer Review Visit. We will use data from the forthcoming academic year in our report. I’ve always said that if we were to build a world-class business school from scratch, we would focus on quality faculty, student learning, and a plan for the future. If you look, those are the three pillars of AACSB, and I am excited to share our story for each.

A successful review takes all of us working together.

We have some work to do to collect the required data, and we are not looking to collect the data for AACSB solely; we are ensuring we have systems that will regularly collect the data and streamline and simplify when possible. But, again, our goal is to work smarter, not harder.

Carrie is contacting a few faculty this week to help pilot a project to streamline our data reporting for fall. She’s focusing on individuals who already report data in a relatively uniform and easy-to-access way; many are already thought leaders in the school. And if you’re wondering if our colleague Marcia made that list, she was the first person contacted. We are thankful for Marcia and all she does for assessment and accreditation for us. If you want to be included in the pilot, send Carrie a note. The more, the merrier!

It takes work to clearly tell our story. That challenge excites me because one thing I know we can do better at is telling our story. Erika and I talk about this regularly, and the leadership team talks about it – we spent time in our meeting on Tuesday. We are proud of our business school and the impact it makes. We are proud of YOU.

Look for regular updates as we work through the process. Also, thank you in advance for helping us collect what we need to present our story in the best way possible.

Telling our story will be a big focus in my second year at our school of business, and it is a compelling, impactful story. Thanks to you.

YOU make a difference!

Keep in mind:

Paul • May 25, 2023

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