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Good News!

Can you say, “Bonus!” Yes, that’s right. Last week, the BOT approved a $1,500 bonus for all permanent CofC employees as of December 2022, which will appear in our May paychecks. And it still looks like there will be another COLA increase and a merit pool. What a difference compared to just a few years ago. We will keep you posted as we learn more.

Also, our first-year applications and deposits are up – way up! As a result, we should have the largest first-year class in our history. This means we will have to get creative with class coverage. It also means an improved financial situation for the College, and we will be better positioned to weather the impending demographic cliff.

To put this in perspective, compare our situation to what is happening in West Virginia, Kansas, and Connecticut:

Slimming Down to Stay Afloat

Then, we have our End of Year Business Bash this afternoon, where we will celebrate another successful year (I hope to see you there). Friday is the Piazza Prowl, Saturday is A Charleston Affair, and next weekend is graduation. Great things are happening.

That’s a lot of good news.

YOU make a difference!

Keep in mind:

Paul • May 4, 2023

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