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Retiring or Resigning? Keep this checklist in mind

I found in my files a checklist Barbara Green made for us last year to help steward the process of retiring or resigning. There are several items that involve HR and stewardship of files.

SB Resignation_Retirement instructions_2022.03 – Green 5.4.2022

It is also important to remember to return your office to a fresh state. There was a time when the janitorial staff removed debris from offices; it likely wasn’t in their contract then, and now, removing that debris falls far outside of that contract. It often falls on our administrative staff, and our dear colleagues like Chris Rodgers and the rest of the A-Team end up sorting items into stacks and hauling items to the shred bin. Last summer, I paid my daughters with ice cream to empty out debris left behind by departing colleagues. They had fun at first, but even they got grumpy by the end. I suspect departing colleagues did not intend to leave a chore for us, but just underestimated how much time it would take to finish the task.

Be sure to plan time to completely empty all of your art, books, papers, and furniture.

This week, I had the chance to run a report that caused me to need to opt in faculty from a long list of people who have served as faculty, adjuncts, and staff over the past 10+ years. It was a walk down memory lane, and gave me a sense of appreciation for all of those who have contributed to our student learning experience.

If you are departing this summer, I wish you all the best in your next chapter!

Carrie Messal • May 3, 2023

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