Spring 2019

Russian Language

RUSS 101 Prof. Miltcheva, MWF 2-2:50pm

RUSS 102 Prof. Miltcheva, MWF 10-10:50am

RUSS 102 Prof. Miltcheva, MWF 11-11:50am

RUSS 101C Prof. Gomer Tue 2:05-2:55pm

RUSS 102C Prof. Gomer Tue 3:05-3:55pm

RUSS 202 Prof. Miltcheva, MWF 1-1:50pm

RUSS 202C Prof. Gomer Thur 3:05-3:55pm


RUSS 390 Contemporary Russia Prof. Erman, TR 1:40-2:55pm

Advance your Russian language skills while learning about important social, political and cultural issues facing Russia today. We will watch films, read contemporary Russian literature, and study Russian media to gain insights into the country, its people and its culture. This course will be taught entirely in Russian and is designed for students who have completed a minimum of two years of Russian language.

Course prerequisite: RUSS 202 or permission of instructor.

Literature & Culture in Translation

LTRS 220 20th Century Russian Literature

Prof. Erman, TR 10:50am-12:05pm

After he was released from a prison camp, having served 6 years in Siberia for his literary activities, Abram Tertz proclaimed that Russian literature would emerge even stronger from the Gulags, the mass graves, the madhouses, and from all of the forms of oppression to which it was subjected in the 20th century. And, indeed, while Roland Barthes’ famous phrase “The Death of the Author” has overtones not exactly theoretical for the history of modern Russian letters, these authors’ immortal masterpieces live on, having taken their proper places amidst the classics – not just of Russian – but of world literature. Beginning with the Bolshevik Revolution and concluding in the 1990’s, this course introduces students to the amazing achievements and tragedies of 20th century Russian history and literature.

This course is taught entirely in English. No previous knowledge of Russian literature is required. Satisfies the General Education Requirements in Humanities. Satisfies Russian Minor “Core Course” Requirement. Satisfies elective requirements for International Studies and Comparative Literature.


LTRS 270: Studies in Russian Film

Prof. Gomer, TR 12:15-1:30pm

This course aims to introduce students to the developments and innovations in Russian cinema from the collapse of the Soviet Union until the present day. We will consider major trends in contemporary Russian cinema, while also taking stock of Russia’s rich cinematic legacy and its contributions to world film culture. Our selection of films will be analyzed in the context of the major social, political and economic changes that have taken place in Russia over the past decades. We will enhance our discussions with cultural materials, relevant readings and student presentations.

LTRS 270 is taught entirely in English. No previous knowledge of Russian culture is required. Counts towards the General Education Requirements in Humanities. Counts towards Russian Minor. Satisfies elective requirements for International Studies, Film Studies and Comparative Literature.