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Luisa’s Sacrifice


April 11, 2022 by corkeryab

It is important to highlight the sexual assault on Luisa that occurred towards the beginning of the film. Luisa was brand new to her left-wing organization, P-81. No one knew who she was and was still suspicious of the type of character she was. She had not been invited to live with the rest of the group yet. At her first protest, to prove herself, Luisa stole the phone of a neo-Nazi at a protest. As she ran, the man followed her. She ended up getting tackled and was groped by the man to get his phone back. Although this was just a second in the film, this left a lasting effect on her as she began to have nightmares about it. The assault, having occurred during her first protest, was an initiation to protest. This was the beginning of a transition into protest. She left her upper-class family and their traditions and stood for what she believed in, sacrificing herself and her body in doing so. Another example of her sacrifice is using her parents’ clothing and car to antagonize the neo-Nazi group. Although nothing bad happened to the car, she relied on her parents’ belongings knowing very well that the vehicle could have been damaged during that protest. She risked her parents knowing her “secret life” to fight for what she believed in, putting her relationship with her parents on the line. For much of the film, Luisa’s peers did not listen to her advice and her opinions and did not understand how vulnerable she made herself to be a part of their group and it is admirable.


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