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April 11, 2022 by factorgb

For my tenth blog post I decided to pick a clip from an earlier movie we watched called Kuhle Wampe. Khule Wampe is the story of a working class German family living in Berlin in 1931.  The story shows the working class revolutions and rebellions in the movie. The clip starts out with a group of motorcycles starting out driving like they are in a race. In the background you can hear the idling of the engines when they are lined up, and when the motorcycles start to go you can hear the engine revving as the bikes take off. There are a lot of cool camera angles like tire shots of the motorcycle especially when the motorcycles went around the turns. What I also really liked is how the extra people on the side of the road acted and presented themselves on screen. They didn’t acknowledge the cameras at all. You saw them walk around and somehow always avoid  eye contact with the camera. Lastly I really like how when the clip of the protestors marching came it looks like they were all yelling in unison.

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