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A Moment of Restraint


April 11, 2022 by glenniecd

In the movie And Tomorrow The Entire World, we are able to understand the views of protestors, those who choose violence to get their statement through, and those who prefer non-violent protesting. We see examples of both types of protests against the Neo-Nazi hard right-wing political party members and the P81 social protesting group. In this scene, we see Luisa being driven by Alfa’s style of violent protest and taking a rifle to where the Neo-Nazi performance will occur. She tries to take matters into her own hands by attempting to shoot one of the leaders. However, she is hesitant in her decision. We see many close-up shots of Luisa and the gun she is loading. There are primarily medium and long shots of the Neo-Nazis preparing for their event. As Luisa is aiming with the rifle, we get a POV shot of everyone that is being aimed at to show who the main enemy is. This scene is essential because it shows restraint on Luisa’s part when she is driven by rage over what the Nazis had done throughout the film. If this scene were edited even slower, it would be able to make the scene vastly more intense, not to mention the inclusion of scarier audio to help build the tone. 


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