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Literature of Protest


April 10, 2022 by kellycr

P81 is an anti-fascist organization that Luisa is a part of. They are a group that protests against the neo-Nazis organization called Liste 14. So, they protest unfair immigration laws and the idea that German identity should be tied to ethnicity and race. This film would be considered a literature of protest, specifically because the clip I chose invokes empathy, a sense of being there, it is humanizing, and it would likely draw someone to action. The way the camera is handheld in this clip I chose makes it feel more personal and raw. We have the backstory of Luisa, so we get a sense of empathy knowing the context and history of why she is at this protest. In the very beginning of the clip, there are people holding banners and signs while chanting, which would be considered a peaceful protest. However, there are also examples of property destruction, such as throwing eggs filled with paint. As well as violence against people, including police being violent and when the guy chases Luisa for his phone at the end. I chose to speed up this clip for the viewer to fully grasp how both P81 and Liste 14 are going against the words of the constitution when being violent/destructing property, but also how P81 is very passionate, and at times peaceful, about what they are fighting for.



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