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Family Vacation or Exploitation?


April 4, 2022 by ashikarija

This scene is impactful due to its raw footage capturing a white woman walking through a Kenyan village like its a zoo. This perfectly encapsulates Auma’s argument that despite how innocent and harmless these tours through villages seem, they are completely out of touch and offensive in nature. These tours serve to further the idea of “otherness” and continue to divide white people from Black Africans by perpetuating the idea that Africans live in squalor and poverty, which then furthers the issue of the “white savior” complex. Auma wants to share this with the viewers to urge an end to this practice, as well as to comment on how African culture and lifestyle does not need to change to fit western beliefs. These people are thriving in their communities and should be supported, not altered. The woman in this scene is not only participating in this exploitation, but is shown gawking at a man from the village. She is silent and staring intently at this person as if he is some foreign object, not a person. I chose to zoom in on this woman’s face, and then zoom out, because I think the mystery of what she is staring at being slowly revealed is powerful. You can leave it up to your imagination until it is actually shown, and the truth is disturbing. Overall, this scene was very uncomfortable to watch, and was very impactful in revealing the damage that these tours can have furthering the division between cultures.


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