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Whose Best Interest?


March 28, 2022 by toccof

In this scene of the film, Neukölln Unlimited, Hassan confronts the Senator that denied his family’s case for asylum. While the Senator argues, he is shot from a medium close-up shot, while Hassan is shot from a slightly low angle, giving him power in this situation. The audience can hear Hassan and the other spectator’s reactions with purely diegetic sound. The Senator’s main point is, can a large family seeking asylum be integrated into Germany? Hassan and his family speak German, attend German schools, contribute to the German economy, and have no criminal records. Yet, their asylum case is still denied by this Senator. The Senator’s final question is it in the best interest of the people of Berlin and Germany to let them stay? Many people living in Germany were initially from other countries or have parents and grandparents who migrated to Germany. Therefore, the Senator is asking whether the family will require aid from the German government. This scene addresses one of the many themes in the film: what is fact on paper may not be accurate in practice. This is seen particularly in the shot of Hassan rolling his eyes and smirking at the Senator’s claims. Hassan knows his family has done everything correctly and followed Germany’s rules, yet they are still denied citizenship. This proves that while the Senator and the German government may state they follow all these guidelines, this is not true.


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