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February 21, 2022 by ashtoncm

In this scene the camera directs its attention to Thai Bihn Dahn. It almost looks like he is giving a speech or talking in front of a large group of reporters. The camera is grain filled and scratchy in the background. The film begins with a powerful quote “you’ll close your eyes to the pictures, then you’ll close them to the memory, then you’ll close your eyes to the facts..” He is talking about his sudden experience from the Napalm bomb that was dropped right outside his house and completely turned his life upside down. He is trying to explain that, just because you are not in the war zone and are not under direct attack, does not mean you should turn your head and act like it is not taking place or it is not important. He is trying to teach about the impact of the bombs and how his life has been impacted.

The format of this film is documentary, essayistic and combines narration with powerful images. The director is good at linking culture and politics as contributing factors to the far, and although the film is short, it is impressive how in detail it gets about the war.


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