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A different Kind of Protest


February 14, 2022 by glenniecd


In this GIF, we can see Rull in the middle of the protest. Instead of falling in and protesting like the rest of his fellow students, Rull shows up in a Native American costume and begins to dance in between the police and the other protesters. While Rull is dancing, we see a high-angle long shot where Rull is dancing over the cross with each opposing side on the left and right. This could possibly symbolize that Rull is trying to be something more critical or signify that he or his message is different. Comparing all the other students, Rull is the only one who is dressed differently. He only wears pants and an Indian headpiece; he doesn’t even show up in shoes. While Rull is in the center of all the attention, Rull uses a bow and arrow in his display. Before he was told that the protest was not supposed to be violent, however, he still shot two arrows. One was into the air, and the other was pointed at the police officers. Before he could shoot, however, he was tackled by officers. By centering Rull during the protest, we can see that his meaning of protest was a lot different from his fellow students.


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