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Defeat at Dinner


January 31, 2022 by kingsk

The film “Kuhle Wampe” focuses on the stress of a family trying to find work when there are no jobs hiring. After sitting through the same fight that always happens at the dinner table, the son that did not speak a word throughout the whole meal gets up when the rest of his family has left the room, and slowly walks toward the window. During the meal and even when the mother is clearing the table, you can tell the boy is in deep thought. His eyes are low and he seems to be lost in his own thoughts, he barely moves other than to let his mother fold the table cloth his elbow was resting on. The stillness of the boy in the scene helps relay the feeling of loss of purpose. When the boy’s sister looks up and smiles at him, he does not seem to notice her. Even when she gets up to look in the mirror, his eyes do not move. After she leaves to meet her friend, his eyes finally shoot up and it seems he has made his mind up. The fact that no one in the family questioned why the boy appeared so defeated relays the message that worth is determined by income rather than virtue.


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