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Their Fate: Death


January 21, 2022 by angovec

Strike!” is a silent 1925 film directed by Sergei Eisenstein and follows the story of 1903 factory workers going on strike against their cruel and brutal bosses. The tip of the iceberg which set off the workers to go on strike was the suicide of one of their fellow coworkers. The death of this worker was caused by his false accusation of stealing a micrometer. When he had reported the micrometer missing to their bosses, he was accused of the robbery. Thus eventually forcing the worker to commit suicide. This act was the final straw for the rest of the workers, leading them to go on strike. This scene depicts the dead coworker being held by his peers. This is an extremely powerful scene that truly shows the working class’s struggles during this time period. This scene uses a wide-angle which shows a large number of workers surrounding this one man. Thus showing the theme of worker solidarity which is repetitively seen throughout the film. The camera angle is straight at eye level which makes the audience feel as if they are on the same level with the workers, once again showing a type of solidarity between everyone. This scene also serves as a foreshadowing of the futures of these workers, it is almost as though they can see their own fate. 


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