Anthology Project Outline

For my anthology contribution I intend to focus on the early economic debates that occurred in Colonial America. Largely I’d like to find things all about the transition to paper money. The catalyst for this project was my discovery of an actual essay from Colonial America called “An Essay on Currency.” ┬áThis was written in 1732 and published in 1734. I’m still pretty early on the actual committed research, trying to find a more interesting text from SCHS, but I’m really excited to keep doing the research. The essay is easily the best source so far, and it is already online, so the transition to the website shouldn’t be too difficult.

For the second source I’ve found a few things that might be worth more study. In the South Carolina Historical Society magazine they indexed a list of, and explanation for, exchange rates for old currency. There is also a brief excerpt from the Gazette that I still need to look at (the micro-film machine was having problems on Tuesday). One is a financial notice from a guy named John Dart. These are all over the index of the Gazette and I want to see for myself what these look like. Much more promising is an article that Emily found apparently, a two part discussion exactly on currency. I’ll have to wait until my next SCHS visit to see this, but this could be the other source I use in the project.

So far these are the two sources that I’m really hoping to use for this project. For something as wide as the use of paper money I’m not expecting a ton of difficulty in establishing context. I hope these turn out well and are a useful addition to our anthology.

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