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Prof. Nadelhoffer publishes a new book chapter and article

Posted by: Kate Kenney-Newhard | February 21, 2014 | No Comment |

Prof. Thomas Nadelhoffer’s two most recent publications have appeared in print.

The book chapter: Nadelhoffer, T. (2014). “Dualism, Libertarianism, and Scientific Skepticism about Free Will.” In W. Sinnott-Armstrong (Ed.), Moral Psychology: Neuroscience, Free Will, and Responsibility (Vol. 4). MIT Press: 209-216.

The article: Nadelhoffer, T., Shepard, J., Nahmias, E., Sripada, C., & Ross, L. (2014). “The Free Will Inventory: Measuring Beliefs about Agency and Responsibility.” Consciousness and Cognition, Vol. 25: 27-41.

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