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Yeats argues that symbolism is the heart of poetry. The use of poetic images and sounds evoke subtle, complex emotions and has an ability to embody indistinct feelings which “can help unlock the power of unconscious associations and spiritual experiences.” … Continue reading

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The Modernist Project

Scrapping Modernism: Process and Framework of “Broken Rhyme of a Fragmented Time” The poet who believes in the materials of the world—written material—in such a way that his desire to include drives him to use them selectively… this is actually an assertion … Continue reading

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Jeffers’s Inhumanism

What I found most striking of Robinson Jeffers was his ability to blend the self-consciousness of man (though I wouldn’t say rational), with a sentient being (the hawk), and an insentient, permanent entity (the rock) into a collaborative explosive whole … Continue reading

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Critical Blog of Andrea Powell Wolfe’s journal article: Chasing the “Coloured Phantom”: Gender Performance as Revealing and Concealing Modernist Ideology in Millay’s Sonnets” Andrea Powell Wolfe, in her journal article “Chasing the Coloured Phantom…”, critically examines Enda St. Vincent Millay’s public persona and … Continue reading

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Imatation of Mina Loy

Songs to Joannes by Mina Loy completely blew my mind. After I read it I was in complete awe of this innovative, sexuality explosive and daringly experimental woman. I felt that I had to try and mimic her style—mixing the … Continue reading

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