The Great Decade of the 90’s.

In my opinion, this is possibly one of the greatest and most productive decades. Arts and Culture, for example, has boomed so much during this decade.

Arts and Culture: This is the decade of the greatest movie productions, in my opinion.
Here is a list of all the Best Picture Academy Award winners:

Also, here, is a list of the twenty-five highest-grossing films of the nineties (in order):

Also during the nineties, Spice Girls have become extremely popular, they were the biggest pop group of the decade.

Science, Technology, and Ideas:

Video games became wildly popular in this decade. The most popular, and top selling game console was Sony’s Playstation. Another game console that rocketed in the nineties was the Nintendo 64. The most popular video games during the nineties are here in this list:
Super Mario World,
Donkey Kong Country,
Pokémon Red and Blue Versions,
Pokémon Yellow Version,
Super Mario 64,
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time,
Mario Kart 64
Super Mario Kart,
Tomb Raider series,
Final Fantasy,
Crash Bandicoot series,
Resident Evil series,
Street Fighter II,
Spyro the Dragon series,
Test Drive series,
Monkey Island
Mortal Kombat series,
Warcraft series,
Tekken series,
Sonic the Hedgehog series,
Resident Evil

Email also became wildly popular thanks to Microsoft’s recent adoption of MSN’s Hotmail. Instant Messaging, or IM’s became popular, as well as pagers. A few Instant Messaging programs were:
Buddy list
AIM and ICQ (protocols).

A few additional creations of the 90’s:

Social Change (issues of gender, race, class, immigration):

War, Politics, and Nature:

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