Imitation of Mullen’s Prose Poetry Style

I decided to try my hand at an imitation of Mullen’s social-commentary-infused and linguistically rich prose poetry. With her heavy use of alliteration, rolling rhythms, dynamic turns, and subtle, insightful humor, I found Mullen’s poetry fascinating and wanted to try to access it directly through imitation.  I tried emphatically to incorporate into my imitation the quick, curt word choice characteristic of Mullen’s densely yet rhythmically developing lines and her subtly biting commentary. I chose, rather than focusing on gender-based criticism to draw on the Western culture of consumerism in my own variation.


In-n-out in endless coffee-caffeine craze the siren of the Skinny Vanilla Latte draws many to fill the landfills full of their empty addictions.

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  1. Prof VZ says:

    Great imitation, though I would have like to have more of a reflection on your imitation. That’s a key part of these “creative” posts.

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