Episode 5 – David Slucki and the Un-essay

Nota bene: This podcast is made exclusively for the College of Charleston community.

Have you ever wanted to step away from assigning an essay as the final project but weren’t sure how to do it or what to replace it with? I had the privilege of discussing one such option with Dr. David Slucki, an assistant professor in Jewish Studies here at the College of Charleston. He talked to me about an assignment called the “un-essay” that he first learned about from his colleagues, Drs. Rabin and Cressler. He re-tooled it to fit a course called “Memory, Politics, and the Holocaust” and found that students, though they needed some nudging, went on to complete projects he himself could never have imagined.

Un-Essay Assignment – Holocaust Memory

Un-Essay Example – Margaret Krawczyk – Relfections Script and Storyboard  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96Ga1lKK4-c)

(Laila Tov – Sophie Forstein. Used by permission)

Hannah Pullias violin performance (Used by permission)

Un-essay Example – Stephanie Selker – The Sounds of the Holocaust Podcast (Used by permission)

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