College of Charleston Division of Marketing and Communications: Seeking Director of Social Media

With Who:  College of Charleston Division of Marketing and Communications

Location:  Charleston, SC

Type of Employment:  Full-time

Position Description:  Develops, implements and executes social media strategies, integrating them with broader marketing campaigns that promote and expand the College of Charleston brand, and meet the strategic recruitment and retention goals of the College. The director of social media is an expert on the changing social landscape, monitoring channels, engaging audiences and staying on top of cutting-edge trends and tools that result in the best use of social media for the university.

Job Duties:  

  • 35%:  Responsible for developing the long-term strategic direction for all social media strategic planning and execution efforts that will promote and expand the College of Charleston brand to key constituents (prospective students and their families, enrolled students, alumni, etc.). Confers with upper-level management on the creation of social media strategies and campaigns that integrate with marketing strategies that have an impact on the College’s efforts to recruit and retain high-level students, and engage with alumni and other constituencies.
  • 30%:  Creates an editorial calendar with daily posts for social media channels that supports institutional priorities of recruitment, visibility and engagement. Develops strategies and processes for a variety of multi-media content providers throughout the campus community so that social has real-time access to high-quality organic content that can be used to grow followers and promote the sharing of College-related content.
  • 20%:  Develops and establishes benchmarks and methods used to measure the effectiveness and performance of social media initiatives and tactics. Closely monitors the social media channels of the College (including blogs and news sites) on a daily basis. Analyzes and assesses stories and content that best represent the College’s brand and priorities, and brings content that negatively impacts the College brand to the attention of MarComm administration. Also tracks College of Charleston-related discussions and comments in online forums like College Confidential and Niche, etc. Uses the information to make changes to the editorial calendar, and social media messages and tactics, to ensure targeted results are achieved.
  • 10%:  Collaborates with divisions and departments across the campus so that their social media tactics are integrated into the larger, comprehensive social media strategy for the College. Provides training and support for their social media efforts by sharing social media and marketing expertise. Approves new social media accounts across the campus and enforces institutional social media policies as set forth in the College of Charleston brand manual.
  • 5%:  Stays on top of cutting-edge social media trends and tools.

Minimum Requirements:  A bachelor’s degree, and a minimum of three years of progressively responsible and relevant professional experience crafting social media strategies, and dynamic content and messages in the digital and social space. Fluent with all major social media channels and proficient with social tools such as TweetDeck, HootSuite, Plann as well as social listening tools to monitor online conversations about the College. Strong communication, writing and editing skills. Candidates with an equivalent combination of experience and/or education are encouraged to apply.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:  Understanding of market research and digital marketing. Ability to align social strategy and techniques to support and further marketing objectives as they relate to the College of Charleston brand as well as to specific institutional goals. Thorough understanding of current digital/social media trends with proven success developing and implementing successful programs that grow followers and increase the sharing of content. Ability to develop benchmark criteria and important metrics to measure the effectiveness of social media programs and the impact on marketing and engagement, and implement improvements as required.

Special Instructions to Applicants:  Applicants must provide detailed examples of successful social media campaigns across Insta, Twitter and Facebook. Include: problems to be solved, examples of solutions-based social media calendars, samples of posts (including images, videos) and demonstrated successes of the campaigns.

Application Deadline:  Closing date is October 18, 2019

Apply (or see more information):  Submit your application today!

About Megan Gould

Ms. Gould is the Coordinator for Events, Outreach, and Public Relations for the Department of Communication at the College of Charleston.

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