Join Us in the Lowcountry!

A 30 Hour Program–Finish in a Year or Take Your Time

Our program gives you the flexibility to create your own path. You can follow one of the example pathways below, or you can chart your own way through the program–whatever works best for you.

  • Accelerated 1-Year Plan: Take 4 courses per semester and complete an additional 2 to wrap up over the summer.
  • Study and Work over 2 Years: Following a more traditional approach, you can spread out coursework over 1.5 or 2 years. You might take 2 courses per semester and 1 over the summer months, for example. This would allow you to study and work, either through the support of one of our competitive Graduate Assistantships, or through other work in Charleston.
  • Pace Yourself Part Time: For those who already work full time, taking just 1 course each semester and 1-2 over the summer will allow you to earn your degree in as little as 2.5 years.

A Joint Program–Expand Your Network

Run jointly by The Citadel’s Graduate College and the University of Charleston Graduate School at the College of Charleston, our program provides advanced coursework in literature, film, and literary and cultural analysis with occasional courses in composition and rhetoric. Students have access to graduate faculties, libraries, and electronic research resources at both institutions. Small classes – typically around 15 students – foster lively discussion, close analysis, and the development of intellectual community. Opportunities for internships outside of academia and in college teaching allow students to customize their education. Students must take at least 4 of their course (this can include thesis hours) at one of the partner institutions.

A Program for You

The program is a great fit for recent and returning college graduates, English teachers, and those interested in mid-career professional development and personal intellectual growth. In addition to learning how to analyze literature and culture more effectively, students acquire critical thinking habits, problem-solving strategies, and communication skills that will serve them well in many different contexts.

Our graduates are well prepared for a range of careers. Many take their skills to the nonprofit or for-profit world as journalists, editors, or professional and technical writers. Some turn to the classroom, teaching writing and literature in high school or in community colleges. Still others pursue PhDs in English to do research and teach at the college and university level. The English MA is a widely respected degree that enhances credentials for employment and advanced academic and professional study in many fields.

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